Warehouse Associate

Reference ID: tac-1-f5252-bcd9dca51a

Location: Corporate Centre

Warehouse Associate – St. Louis, MO

Reports to:  George Weston, Warehouse Manager


The Warehouse Associate is responsible for moving material, monitoring / replenishing supply levels and tracking inventory.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Strips the production line after changeover
  • Stocks the production line during production, which includes:
    1. Ensuring hardware bins have adequate supplies and are never empty
    2. Ensuring conveyors which feed the final assembly line are not empty during production
    3. All other components are strategically located at line for easy and quick access to operator during production
  • Assists warehouse representative with loading/unloading trucks for shipping and receiving
  • Assists warehouse representative with material movements in the warehouse
  • Assists final assembly with removal of cardboard from production line
  • Cycle counts
  • Other duties, as assigned


Qualifications / Education / Experience

  • Employee must exhibit a positive attitude, team spirit, cooperation and willingness to learn
  • Employee must be physically capable of lifting 40+ lbs repetitively; as well as bending, stooping, twisting
  • Employee must be comfortable with heights




If you are interested, or you would like to refer someone you believe would be an appropriate fit for this position, please contact me at l.norman@tacony.com.

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