Manufacturing Engineer

Reference ID: tac-6-3d163-3d7175248f

Location: West Chicago

Job Purpose

The Manufacturing Engineer I will assist in the planning and designing of manufacturing/production processes.  This role will help to maximize efficiency by analyzing layout of equipment, workflow, assembly methods, and work force utilization, as well as assist in the determination of parts, equipment, and tools needed in order to achieve manufacturing goals according to product specifications, as well as assist in product improvement and component sourcing projects.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manufacturing Responsibilities
    • Participates in research & analytical studies to gather data for develop design or specifications for manufacturing products
    • Works through production processes & monitors development process to identify areas of improvement (process, products, efficiency and/or cost)
    • Identifies & coordinates cost reduction activities for components or commodities used in the final products
    • Assists in processes & product design changes to ensure compliance with OSHA requirements
    • Assists in the building of assembly or production systems
    • Documents testing & inspection criteria of components and finished products
    • Prepares system layout & detailed drawings and schematics, as directed by lead engineer
    • Designs & builds assembly, test and production fixtures and jigs
    • Maintains Operation Method Sheets (OMS) & Sequence of Events (SOE) procedures
  • Existing Product Support Responsibilities
    • Supports Marketing with technical data & schematics on existing products
    • Creates & maintains product documentation including schematics, part drawings, bills of material and bills of operation, as directed by lead engineer
    • Tests potential new/alternate part components, as directed
    • Creates engineering change order paperwork


Qualifications / Education / Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in related Engineering field
  • 0-2 years’ work-related skill, knowledge and/or experience
  • Proactively addresses challenges in an effective manner
  • Effective problem-solving skills
  • Able to read, understand & carry out instructions and directions
  • Strong organizational, analytical and communication skills
  • Proficient with Windows OS & Microsoft Office programs
  • Familiarity & basic understanding of CAD software

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