Tacony Corporation Restructures Leadership Roles,

September 7, 2016

September 2016 – St. Louis, MO – The diversified company Tacony Corporation continues moving forward to meet strategic goals for future growth and expansion. Restructuring of the leadership team is part of the process. A long term succession plan is underway at Tacony, which includes the recent selection of a new Chief Financial Officer.


The company announces the promotion of Brad Overby to CFO. Previously, Overby served as the Tacony Corporation Director of Financial Planning & Analysis.


Hinderer adds that for some time the company has planned to separate the role of CFO from that of Company President. It was a matter of finding the right person for the job.


“In choosing Brad Overby to be our new CFO, we’ve found the right professional to help guide our company as we make decisions and update processes to meet our goals. Brad has already helped structure a new chart of accounts for Epicor, our new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that will be launched this year.”


As the new Tacony Corporation CFO, Overby brings 20-plus years of diverse financial experience in public and private accounting, including large public and small private enterprises, and in distribution and service industries. His leadership experience encompasses systems implementation, strategy deployment, forecasting, budgeting, global consolidation and overall process improvement.


“Tacony Corporation is a very financially-stable company with a tremendous opportunity to take our business any direction we want to go. We can expand into markets we currently serve, or we can branch out into new ones,” says Overby. “I’m looking forward to using my expertise to help interface our new Epicor ERP system with the current systems in use. Ultimately, we’ll be using a more streamlined and modernized accounting system that will provide more detailed reporting and analysis of our business operations. It will significantly help our leadership team leverage current market knowledge and use it to our best advantage as we expand and grow.”


Under the new leadership structure, Overby will report to Hinderer and join the Tacony Corporate Executive Council. The Accounting, Credit and Customer Service departments will report to Overby.


In addition to working on exciting new business opportunities at Tacony, Overby says the family feel of the company is a bonus. “Everyone likes working with nice people, and Tacony has nice, smart people employed. It’s a great place for me to help build upon the success Tacony has earned for the past 70 years and help facilitate future growth.”


Overby resides in Wildwood, Mo., with his wife, Emily, and has three children, Jack, Nolan and Jarrod.


To learn more about Tacony Corporation, headquartered in Fenton, Mo., visit the company website, Tacony.com.


About Tacony Corporation:

Tacony Corporation is a privately held manufacturing and distribution company operating in four strategic business units: sewing, home floor care, commercial floor care, and ceiling fans. With more than 650 associates in 13 offices around the world, Tacony’s mission is to create long-lasting relationships that are based on trust and feel like family. For more information, visit www.tacony.com.

Tacony Manufacturing Celebrates 70th Anniversary

June 2, 2016

Local, state and federal officials gathered at Tacony Manufacturing in St. James on May 25 to celebrate the company's 70th anniversary.  The company was honored by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Missouri Senate.

Jim Fleming, Tacony plant manager, welcomed a large crowd to the anniversary celebration and introduced all the dignitaries who were in attendance.  "Today, we're celebrating and recognizing three things," he said.  "The success of Tacony Corporation in the past 70 years.  The commitment that the Tacony family has to the domestic production and distribution of the best floor care products for residential and commercial use.  And the success that is possible when governmental entities and business work together.

Sometime in late August 2014, Tacony produced its two millionth vacuum.  As of May 1, 2016, Tacony has made the following:  2,182,625 upright vacuums, 90,686 commercial floor dryers, repaired 91,891 vacuums, upgraded 159,987 imported vacuums, produced 10,305 zone heaters, produced 15,278 industrial vacuums for Tornado, Powr-Flite and Truvox, made 10,351 premium canisters since bringing back production from Taiwan in 2009.

"The decision to go against the tide and bring manufacturing to the U.S. 18 years ago was a leap of faith," Fleming said.

All of Tacony's competition has moved to low-labor-cost countries and cheapened their products, Fleming noted.  Tacony is in a global fight for its markets and through the efforts of its employees and the help of various agencies, it has been able to survive and continue to commit to new products being made here.

"We started with five employees and this morning we have 119," Fleming said.  "Our associates have been very active in our community by serving on various boards, volunteering for a plethora of local events and making St. James a destination point with the introduction of the Vacuum Museum.

Among those who came to mark the anniversary was the USDA Rural Development State Director Janie Dunning.  Tacony's plant in St. James was helped in its beginning with a $53,600 grant awarded to the city of St. James by the USDA to help renovate an old shoe factory that served as Tacony's first local home.

"We are honored to be here to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Tacony Manufacturing," Dunning said.  "Nearly 20 years ago, Rural Development was a partner in the renovation of their facility, and today they are still providing great resources to the area.  It's always exciting to see business in a rural area thriving and creating job opportunities to the community. Many congratulations to Tacony Manufacturing.

The Tacony Corporation has been in business since 1946 and what began as a small, family-owned business has now evolved into a large business being a distributor, manufacturer, wholesaler and marketer of a variety of products.  The St. James factory builds vacuum cleaners and parts, while the company's headquarters is located in Fenton, MO.

Fleming also introduced staff members representing U.S. Senators Clair McCaskill and Roy Blunt and Congressman Jason Smith, in addition to State Senator Dan Brown, who presented the company with a proclamation from the senate, State Representative Jason Chipman, and county commissioners Randy Verkamp and Larry Stratman.  Brief presentations were also made by Tacony Corporation CEO Kristi Tacony Humes, and Senior VP of Home Floor Care John Kaido.

In addition to receiving $53,600 in 1997 to help renovate the building used as Tacony's first manufacturing plant in St. James, the city also received another $27,000 to help get Tacony off the ground.  In 2005, the city received another $226,000 to help complete the paving of Industrial Drive to service Tacony's current facility.

Tacony has also worked with various state and federal agencies to take advantage of Enterprise Zone tax credits, job training, veteran employee tax credits, international trade, job applicant testing, youth employee training and more.

by Rob Viehman, The St. James Press

Tacony Corporation Enters Its 70th Year Under a New Generation of Leadership

December 28, 2015

CEO Ken Tacony and his daughter, Executive Vice President Kristi Humes, both transition into new roles, as the company celebrates a hallmark year.


Nov. 30, 2015 – St. Louis, MO – The new year always brings with it the promise of new possibilities. For Tacony Corporation, the upcoming year means a number of significant, exciting changes. As the St. Louis-based company celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2016, it also transitions into a new era of leadership.


Effective Jan. 1, Ken Tacony will step aside as Chief Executive Officer as his daughter, Executive Vice President Kristi Humes, takes the helm. Tacony will scale back day-to-day duties and transition to Executive Chairman of Tacony Corporation. At the same time, Vice President of Marketing-Sewing Division, Craig Meyer, will take on leadership of Tacony Corporation marketing as Senior Vice President of Marketing. Bill Hinderer will continue as President and Chief Operating Officer.


“I am truly blessed and fortunate to have the opportunity to carry on my grandfather’s and my father’s entrepreneurial spirit,” Humes said. “I’m equally fortunate that my dad has the confidence that I am capable of carrying on what he continued to build from his father’s dream.”


Founded in 1946 by Nick Tacony, Tacony Corporation is a privately held manufacturing and distribution company operating in four strategic business units: sewing, home floor care, commercial floor care, and ceiling fans. Among the company’s most successful brands are sewing industry leader Baby Lock; home floor care brands Simplicity, Riccar and Maytag; commercial floor care brands such as Powr-Flite, Tornado and Truvox; and Regency ceiling fans. After Nick Tacony’s passing in 1984, Ken Tacony took over leadership of the business, growing it from $3 million in sales to more than $220 million in 2014. To date, the company employs more than 650 associates in 13 offices around the world.


Humes has 22 years’ experience in the family business, and had served various roles in the company before being named Executive Vice President in 2011. Meyer, a longtime employee of the company, brings decades of business and marketing experience to the position. He will continue Humes’ work in building and strengthening Tacony Corporation’s marketing strategies, focusing on distribution and independent retail businesses in the sewing, home floor care, commercial floor care and ceiling fan industries.


Tacony, 72, will transition into a new position as Executive Chairman, a role that will allow him to spend less time addressing day-to-day company business and more time with family and personal pursuits.


“It’s a role that allows me to still be involved from a consulting perspective rather than a managerial perspective,” Tacony said. “My wife told me that I could never retire, and this change in my role isn’t my retirement but the recognition of Kristi to begin taking a greater leadership role.”


As CEO, Humes plans to continue her father’s moral and ethical business practices, dedication to customer service, and investment in the company’s future and its associates. “We will continue as entrepreneurs, embrace new opportunities to do so in a way that Ken will be proud of,” she said. “And most of all, we will always take care of our customers in ways that are both fair to them and to us, and treat them like family.”


Ken Tacony will serve in a consultant role, providing support at the corporate headquarters during the transition and beyond. When he’s not performing duties at Tacony Corporation, he’ll spend more time in the Florida sun and spoiling grandchildren.


“You don’t always know when it’s the right time to make that change. It’s more of a feeling,” Ken Tacony said. “Sometimes it’s just the realization of what you want the balance of your life to be, to spend more time enjoying the fruits of your labor and setting the stage for the next generation.”


In addition to making leadership changes in 2016, Tacony Corporation will celebrate 70 years in business. The company will mark the occasion with a year of special events and promotions (to be announced) throughout the year.


To learn more about Tacony Corporation, visit the company website, Tacony.com.


About Tacony Corporation:

Founded in 1946 by Nick Tacony, Tacony Corporation is a privately held manufacturing and distribution company operating in four strategic business units: sewing, home floor care, commercial floor care, and ceiling fans. With more than 650 associates in 13 offices around the world, Tacony’s mission is to create long-lasting relationships that are based on trust and feel like family. For more information, visit www.tacony.com.

Baby Lock Donates Sergers and Smiles to Ryans Case for Smiles Charity

December 28, 2015


Local chapters of Ryan’s Case for Smiles will use donated Baby Lock sergers to bring smiles to children with serious illnesses and injuries.


November 6, 2015 – St. Louis, MO – Ryan’s Case for Smiles is keeping the smiles going for thousands of children across the United States with help from Baby Lock and its network of retailers. Baby Lock recently donated Eclipse DX four-thread sergers to 20 Baby Lock retailers, who presented the machines to their local Ryan’s Case for Smiles chapters. These chapters provide whimsical pillowcases to sick children in an effort to help them cope with the stress of life-altering illnesses and injuries.

Ryan’s Case for Smiles (formerly ConKerr Cancer) has donors and volunteers at more than 120 chapters throughout the United States, who have contributed more than $10 million in fabrics and supplies and more than 5 million volunteer hours since the organization’s founding in 2007. In fact, on Sept. 17, 2015 – National PJ Day – Ryan’s Case for Smiles donated its 1 millionth pillowcase.


Cindy Kerr, CEO and founder of Ryan’s Case for Smiles, whose son inspired her to establish the organization, said the partnership with Baby Lock grew out of a relationship with Baby Lock retailer, Steve Chubin of Steve’s Sewing and Vacuum in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. It was Chubin who initially reached out to Baby Lock President Steve Jeffery.


“Last year we were fortunate to receive 10 sergers. In April I met with Steve Jeffery in St. Louis to explore ideas on how we could formulate a more official partnership,” Kerr said. “This year Baby Lock donated sergers to 20 of our chapters. … In addition, Baby Lock donated seven sewing machines to the Philly chapter. These machines are used at our hospital sewing days with the patients along with other community events.”


Local chapters of Ryan’s Case for Smiles regularly create pillowcases and deliver the finished product to approximately 330 hospitals across the United States.


“Pillowcase sewing days are held several times throughout the month, which enables our chapters to supply pillowcases to hospitalized children in addition to allowing volunteers to try out a Baby Lock serger,” said Kerr.


“We are very proud and honored to be a part of this great cause,” Jeffery said. “We will continue to help and support all we can.”


The Baby Lock Eclipse DX serger features Jet-Air Threading™, which takes thread through all three machine loopers with the press of a button. The Eclipse DX is the ideal machine for creating fun pillowcases to sooth, comfort and distract a child in physical and emotional distress.


For more information about Ryan’s Case for Smiles, visit the organization’s website, www.caseforsmiles.org.


To learn more about Baby Lock, visit www.babylock.com.


About Baby Lock:

Baby Lock has been a leader in the sewing industry since 1964. Today, the company offers a full line of easy-to-use, state-of-the-art sewing, quilting and embroidery machines, sergers and accessories, and industry-leading Gold Standard service and support. Baby Lock products are sold exclusively through independent retailers.


Baby Lock is a major underwriter of the popular PBS television shows “Sewing With Nancy,” starring national sewing authority Nancy Zieman, “Quilt in a Day,” starring national quilting authority and Quilting Hall of Fame inductee Eleanor Burns, and Fons & Porter’s “Love of Quilting,” starring Marianne and Mary Fons. For more information about Baby Lock, visit www.babylock.com.