Ken Tacony Receives 2006 Vacuum & Sewing Dealers Trade Association Hall of Fame Honor

January 6, 2006

Ken Tacony, Chairman Tacony Corporation

2006 Vacuum & Sewing Industry Hall of Fame Inductee

Literally growing up in the sewing machine business, Ken Tacony watched his father Nick build and grow Tacony Corporation. After college and serving as an officer in the Air Force, Ken joined the company to work alongside his father. When Nick passed away in 1984, Ken assumed leadership of Tacony Corporation and currently serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Ken has spent the last 35 years dedicated to the success of independent retailers, realizing that first and foremost, Tacony’s success depends on their success. One of the most significant corporate goals of Tacony Corporation’s mission statement is to “build long-lasting relationships that are based on trust and feel like family.” Ken has certainly incorporated a sense of family into every business venture. By investing in products that allow retailers to profitably sell against mass merchants, by building strong teams to provide exceptional service, and by actively supporting industry activities, Ken has worked hard to ensure a bright future for the industries his company serves.

Ken also realized the positive impact his company can have on local communities. In 1997, he made the decision to move the production of Riccar and Simplicity upright vacuums from Taiwan to the United States, choosing St. James, Missouri, for its central location and available labor talent. Since then, Tacony Manufacturing facility has expanded three times and is now an 88,000 square-foot factory, employing over 80 associates.

By building upon the principles that his father taught him years before, Ken has molded Tacony Corporation into a company that is truly innovative and inspiring. Ken believes that if a company focuses on benefiting its employees, the employees will take care of the customers, who in turn will bring financial success to its shareholders. This is implemented by providing a positive environment, fun activities, community support, and industry-leading benefits for Tacony employees. This extra effort and care has led to a corporate culture that truly embodies Tacony’s corporate motto of tradition, trust and teamwork.

Ken Tacony is a great leader, but more importantly is a true gentleman with unquestioned integrity. We are all very fortunate to have him in our industry.

The Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame was created in 1994 to honor the men and women of the past and present that have made significant contributions to our industry.


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