Tacony Sells Regency Ceiling Fans Division

March 5, 2019

MARCH 2019, FENTON, MO — Tacony Corporation, a leading distributor and manufacturer of consumer and commercial goods, announced its sale of Regency Ceiling Fans and related assets to Hinkley Lighting effective February 28, 2019. The announcement was made by Tacony CEO, Kristi Tacony Humes.

The sale allows Tacony to focus on its core business markets while providing a suitable home for Regency Ceiling Fans which has been part of Tacony for over 40 years.

“We had been looking for a strategic partner with the necessary resources and expertise to help take Regency to the next level,” Humes said. “We believe Hinkley Lighting provides Regency with a unique opportunity for growth because of its applicable experience in lighting and its reputation for trend-setting, high-quality, fashionable designs.”

Hinkley is a well-recognized and respected brand in the lighting industry used by homeowners, designers, contractors and light commercial specifiers. Its brand portfolio consists of Hinkley Lighting and Fredrick Raymond. Regency Ceiling Fans will join Hinkley Lighting at its Global Headquarters in Avon Lake, Ohio.

“We are excited to add the Regency brand to the Hinkley family of products,” said Eric Wiedemer, Vice President of Hinkley Lighting. “By widening our indoor and outdoor product offering through the fan category, we create a more connected and cohesive brand experience for our showrooms and the consumer.”

The Regency divestiture comes on the heels of Tacony’s recent announcement regarding its warehouse facilities.  In order to accommodate anticipated future growth, Tacony is building a new 75,000 square foot distribution center in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This will serve as its West Coast hub, replacing the current facility in Fullerton, California.

“Our core businesses remain strong and these changes will help us focus on the customer experience across all our brands as we move forward,” said Craig Meyer, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Tacony. “The customer experience is our top priority and Tacony continues to challenge status quo to ensure we stay true to the values that have made us successful for over 72 years.”

About Tacony Corporation

Founded in 1946, Tacony Corporation is a privately held manufacturing and distribution company that provides your world with better solutions for sewing, cleaning and home. With more than 550 associates in 12 offices around the world under the leadership of CEO Kristi Tacony Humes, Tacony’s mission is to create long-lasting relationships that are based on trust and feel like family. For more information, visit www.tacony.com.

Tacony Manufacturing Celebrates 70th Anniversary

June 2, 2016

Local, state and federal officials gathered at Tacony Manufacturing in St. James on May 25 to celebrate the company's 70th anniversary.  The company was honored by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Missouri Senate.

Jim Fleming, Tacony plant manager, welcomed a large crowd to the anniversary celebration and introduced all the dignitaries who were in attendance.  "Today, we're celebrating and recognizing three things," he said.  "The success of Tacony Corporation in the past 70 years.  The commitment that the Tacony family has to the domestic production and distribution of the best floor care products for residential and commercial use.  And the success that is possible when governmental entities and business work together.

Sometime in late August 2014, Tacony produced its two millionth vacuum.  As of May 1, 2016, Tacony has made the following:  2,182,625 upright vacuums, 90,686 commercial floor dryers, repaired 91,891 vacuums, upgraded 159,987 imported vacuums, produced 10,305 zone heaters, produced 15,278 industrial vacuums for Tornado, Powr-Flite and Truvox, made 10,351 premium canisters since bringing back production from Taiwan in 2009.

"The decision to go against the tide and bring manufacturing to the U.S. 18 years ago was a leap of faith," Fleming said.

All of Tacony's competition has moved to low-labor-cost countries and cheapened their products, Fleming noted.  Tacony is in a global fight for its markets and through the efforts of its employees and the help of various agencies, it has been able to survive and continue to commit to new products being made here.

"We started with five employees and this morning we have 119," Fleming said.  "Our associates have been very active in our community by serving on various boards, volunteering for a plethora of local events and making St. James a destination point with the introduction of the Vacuum Museum.

Among those who came to mark the anniversary was the USDA Rural Development State Director Janie Dunning.  Tacony's plant in St. James was helped in its beginning with a $53,600 grant awarded to the city of St. James by the USDA to help renovate an old shoe factory that served as Tacony's first local home.

"We are honored to be here to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Tacony Manufacturing," Dunning said.  "Nearly 20 years ago, Rural Development was a partner in the renovation of their facility, and today they are still providing great resources to the area.  It's always exciting to see business in a rural area thriving and creating job opportunities to the community. Many congratulations to Tacony Manufacturing.

The Tacony Corporation has been in business since 1946 and what began as a small, family-owned business has now evolved into a large business being a distributor, manufacturer, wholesaler and marketer of a variety of products.  The St. James factory builds vacuum cleaners and parts, while the company's headquarters is located in Fenton, MO.

Fleming also introduced staff members representing U.S. Senators Clair McCaskill and Roy Blunt and Congressman Jason Smith, in addition to State Senator Dan Brown, who presented the company with a proclamation from the senate, State Representative Jason Chipman, and county commissioners Randy Verkamp and Larry Stratman.  Brief presentations were also made by Tacony Corporation CEO Kristi Tacony Humes, and Senior VP of Home Floor Care John Kaido.

In addition to receiving $53,600 in 1997 to help renovate the building used as Tacony's first manufacturing plant in St. James, the city also received another $27,000 to help get Tacony off the ground.  In 2005, the city received another $226,000 to help complete the paving of Industrial Drive to service Tacony's current facility.

Tacony has also worked with various state and federal agencies to take advantage of Enterprise Zone tax credits, job training, veteran employee tax credits, international trade, job applicant testing, youth employee training and more.

by Rob Viehman, The St. James Press