Tacony Corporation Acquires Mac Molding Company, Inc.

September 25, 2008

St. Louis, MO — Ken Tacony, CEO, announced today that Tacony Corporation 
has acquired the assets of Mac Molding Company and that Lance Loeffelman, 
the owner of Mac Molding Company, Inc., has signed a long-term employment 
agreement to continue running Mac Molding’s operations. “We have used many 
injection molding companies over the years, but none has been better able to 
consistently deliver the high-quality, highly-finished parts required for our 
vacuums than Mac Molding. We are very excited to have Lance and his staff join 
our Company”, Tacony said. 

Mac Molding was founded in 1972 by Robert McDorman who sold the company 
to the Loeffelman’s in 1997. Located in Sunset Hills, Mac Molding has 24 
employees, with over half having at least 30 years of service. 
For over eight years, Mac Molding has been molding parts for Tacony’s vacuum 
cleaner plant in St. James, Missouri. In recent years, Tacony has accounted for 
the majority of Mac Molding’s business. Earlier this year, Tacony completed a 
substantial expansion of its St. James facility with the intention of eventually 
bringing its injection molding requirements “in house”. “This presented an 
opportunity to grow Mac Molding’s capacity to be able to keep up with the growth 
of Tacony’s business and to continue to service our other customers and to seek 
new ones”, Loeffelman said. 

In addition to Tacony, Mac Molding’s customers include companies in the 
electronics and consumer products industries. “We are proud of our long-term 
relationships with our customers and look forward to continuing to serve them. 
As the St. James operations grow, we will be able to handle more new business 
in Sunset Hills”, Loeffelman said. 


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